The AfricaPlan Foundation’s HackathonAfrica offers a 3-month intensive training program where students undergo hands-on training to become Junior Web Developers. The goal of this program is to equip and upskill college-educated youths with the in-demand skills they need to land jobs in the burgeoning technology industry.

Note From Our Founder

The common saying that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not, appears to resonate more in Africa than in any other part of the emerging market. Advances in software technology have changed and continue to change the world, redefining the workplace and redistributing opportunities in unprecedented ways.

However, this evolving reality seemed to have been lost on the continent as it faces the deepest digital skills gap globally. The implication is that, despite abundant talents, the lack of digital skills continues to stifle opportunities in an age where it is estimated that more than 70% of jobs over the next decade, according to a recent study by Oxford Economics, require advanced digital skills.

When I started out more than two decades ago, opportunities requiring no digital skills existed in diverse …

Meet Our Students

Chukwumdiebube Ojinta

A Graduate of Computer Science

Sandra Nvene

A Graduate of Information Technology

Nnaemeka Chukwu

A Graduate of Biochemistry

Faith Michael

A Graduate of Public Health

Emmanuel Nnam

A Graduate of Law

Jane Onyia

A Graduate of Computer Science

Onyedikachi Ozioko

A Graduate of Electrical Engineering

Ruth Ebube Chukwu

A Graduate of Chemistry

Ezeji Luke

A Graduate of Maritime Technology

Ruth Amara Uwakwe

A Graduate of Computer Science

Victor Anumudu

A Graduate of Computer Science

Chinenye Ozoagudike

A Graduate of Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management

Chibuike Ugah

A Graduate of Physics and Astronomy

Israel Chukwu

A Graduate of Product Design Engineering

Chinonso Chibuzor

A Graduate of Computer Science

Okechukwu Nwachukwu

A Graduate of Botany

Caesar Chukwu

Trained Mechanical & Production Engineer

Collins Okoye

A Graduate of Public Administration

Anwa Kenneth

A Graduate of Computer Science

Chimaobi Ugwu

A Graduate of Computer Science

What We Teach

  • HTML

  • CSS






How Can Your Company Help?

We are seeking companies that are willing to give our graduates the opportunity to contribute and learn while doing so. 

What Are The Students Saying?

“Since starting the Hackathon Africa program, I can proudly say I am on the right path to achieving my set goal. I am more than delighted and grateful. The journey is still on, and I am most certain I will get there.”
Sandra Nvene
“I had just basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript before the AfricaPlan Foundation Bootcamp. With the structure of the program and the intensity of the coding activities, my knowledge has improved tremendously. I have added React to my arsenals.”
Luke Ezeji
“I chose to attend the program because I wanted to be better equipped in my tech-career path. The program has pushed me to learn new and challenging things that I had no prior experience of, and I am so grateful for the space to learn and grow.”
Okechukwu Michael
“Hackathon Africa has given me the opportunity to increase my knowledge of software development and at the same time, provided the network I can leverage to make a great career. This is nothing short of wonderful."
Emmanuel Nnam
“I came to the Africaplan foundation bootcamp knowing so little about software. I was almost at point zero. But I have continued to build confidence writing codes from memory with the knowledge acquired.”
Ruth Ebube Chukwu